This information about looking after your own mental health was originally on the Dundee University medical school’s psychiatry Medblog. I’ve moved it to an external site so that it can be shared with non-medical students, students from other universities and anyone else you want- it’s good to talk about mental health.

Please don’t use this site in place of face to face help. You deserve the same care that you would offer to your own patients- a face to face objective assessment of your mental and physical health, including a full discussion of the diagnosis (or potential diagnoses) and a management plan agreed between you and your doctor.

See your general practitioner (or equivalent if you’re not in the UK) if you think you may be unwell. If you’re a Dundee medical student and have done the third year psychiatry block already, you’ll know that 90% of people with mental health problems are cared for by their GP without input from psychiatric services, so your GP will be very experienced in helping people with mental health problems. It is vital that all students register with a GP locally; please make sure you do this even if you are currently in good health. Here is some information about registering with a GP in Dundee.

For that reason I can’t get into discussion with anyone about their own health here- I welcome comments and feedback about the site but I can’t give you the help you need and deserve if you have concerns about your health. If you need to speak to someone about your mental health urgently, see this page.

Medical Students’ Mental Health was created by Dr Mhairi Hepburn, consultant psychiatrist in Perth. Upkeep and maintenance is primarily done by Mhairi, although other members of the University of Dundee medical school student support team also have access.