My friend is unwell

Here are some resources that you may find useful if you are concerned about a friend, family member or colleague. If they need help urgently, they or you can use the resources on our “I need help now” page.

NHS inform give some good advice on supporting someone with a mental health problem.

This page by Time To Change gives advice on talking to someone about their mental health. Support from family, friends and colleagues makes a big difference.

This is a helpful fact sheet from Rethink Mental Illness about supporting someone who is having suicidal thoughts.

This is a very helpful article on supporting someone with PTSD, panic attacks or other highly distressed states. The “I made you a nest” cartoon is particularly good!

LifeSIGNS have a lot of good information about self injury, including this page on how to react when your friend says they self-injure.

The University of Dundee offers various health-related training programmes, including several levels of suicide prevention and intervention training.

The “Suicide? Help!” free app is useful for people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts or supporting a friend- available for Android and Apple.

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